Exodus 2


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In Exodus chapter two we read about Moses, who’s grown up in Pharaoh’s house, going out to be with his people, the Hebrews, and he ends up defending a Hebrew man who’s being persecuted by an Egyptian and kills the Egyptian. Pharaoh will hear about it. Moses will flee. And Moses thinks His people are the Israelites and they are, but he comes to find out that his people are the people of God. And you find the people of God in some of the most interesting places. He goes to Midian, and in Midian he finds a priest, a priest who will become his father in law, a priest who by all indications of the text, is a priest of the most high God. A descendant of Abraham who will help Moses become the leader he needed to be. You might find good influences in places you’re not expecting. Keep your eyes open. See them in your life.

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